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Ollas In The Garden

Hi, When I purchase my next house, I plan on homesteading every bit of dirt on the property. I hope to live simply and produce enough food to drastically cut my food budget. Besides I enjoy digging in the dirt! I hope to try this irrigating system in my new home. Click here to read …

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Organic Weeding

Hi, If you need some tips on organic weed control, this video might be helpful. Click here to learn more. Rose

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Spring Leaves

Hello, I love spring. It could be spring every day and I’d be happy. I enjoy watching things come to life. On the last day of Feburary, I went outside and heard birds chirping. It was a very welcome sound. More birds come back daily. Green is starting to appear. I noticed a few days …

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I love to garden ladies. This link is instructional in that it teaches how to start a compost pile. I compost things from my kitchen and it enriches the soil in my garden. Enjoy. Rose

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Transplanting Plants From Containers

Ever wonder how big to dig a hole for a new plant? Click here to find out. Rose

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Preparing Garden Beds For Winter

Great tip for preparing a garden bed for winter and thus a good rich soil mixture for the following spring’s garden. Click here. Rose

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Gardening Ideas

Hi ladies, This link has some nice information about gardening. There is a lot of information about general and specific gardening plants and techniques. Check it out. Rose

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