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This video is priceless. For all the moms out there. Click here to watch. Rose Advertisements

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Fabric, Writing, and Biking

Hello, Yes, I am a writer who hopes to someday be published. Yes, I am addicted to biking. Yes, I am a professional seamstress and people give me fabric for free. Recently, I biked to a writer’s meeting at a local coffee shop. One of the ladies in our group gave me a box of fabric …

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Great Organizing Tips

Hi, I enjoyed this video on home organizing. Click here to view. Rose

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Can’t Get Nothing Done?

Hi, A few weeks ago my frustration level with myself soared. I was not getting important tasks done and even chores around the home were not touched. Not good. I looked at my desk and made an ultimatium. First thing in the morning, it would be cleaned off. The piles were no longer piles, it …

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The Timer

Hi, I have a free-spirit problem. I can get involved in tasks I like such as baking cookies or writing on my new novel. I manage to get the fun stuff done. The not-so fun stuff such as trying to wrap my brain around learning deep point-of-view in writing or scrubbing the bathroom just doesn’t …

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Hello, In the writing/publishing world, we are told to build our platform, build our platform, build our platform. Make it writing related. In the last few months, I have done that with this blog. And in doing so, I’ve lost myself in the mix. I love writing, my heart is for hurting women. I want …

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Easy Picture Hanging Method

Hi Gals,   If you need an easy picture hanging method, you are in for a treat. I love finding domestic diva stuff. Click here to read all about it. Rose

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