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Excel Education

Hello, I have tried and tried to find employment. Most of the jobs that I am trying to get an interview for, require proficiency¬†in Excel. While I did take several workshops at a local job center, it is still not enough for me to know Excel in a manner that would make me unemployable. To …

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Charm City Creative Designs

Hi Gals, I’m all for home businesses. The site featured today focuses on hand-made items and re-blogging what I call “domestic stuff”. I love the post that shows a gal how to re-do an old coffee table into something cheerful and fun. It’s worth the hop over there to see how to do that. Click …

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More Organizing Tips

Good Morning Ladies, I like to spend a little bit of time on Sunday afternoons making up my schedule for the week. I find that if I can put my agenda and ideas down on paper an then follow the plan during the course of the week, I will get more accomplished. Mrs. C has …

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Nifty video for getting rid of clutter. Simple and short but yet effective idea. Click here to watch the video. Rose

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Home Organization

Hi Ladies, This video has some great organizing ideas for your home and children. The organizing gal has some nifty pull out wire baskets in her cupboards. There is no way under the sun that I can afford such helpful baskets. Instead I use plastic baskets purchased at Walmart or the Dollar store. I have …

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Organizing a Home Office

Howdy girls, Right now, my home office and work room do not look like the offices in this video. I like some of the ideas presented in this video. Maybe I need this inspector/organizer to come to my office once a month and see how my organizing is going! lol Might enlist one of my …

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