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How To Hang Doors


I love home re-models, building homes, and construction stuff. Well, I enjoy dabbling at it. I’m not very good but I’m not afraid to try. Currently I am prepping my home for the market so I’m working on drywall, painting, hanging doors, and a host of other ‘to-do’ items.

I enjoy a website hosted by a young mom who is in the process of building a home for her mothers. Between the young lady and her hubby and other relatives, they are getting a lot of work done on the ‘mom-plex’. It has been a fun journey to watch.

Recently they featured an article on how to install pre-hung doors. Years ago, when the doors were  put into my home, we used shims to level things out and get the doors to fit properly.

If you want to see how to save time to hang doors faster and easier.  Click here to read all about it.

If any of you are looking for the door hanger invention, click here.

Personally, I thought it was a fascinating blog post to read.


P.S. I’m better get back to writing!

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