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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Critique Ideas

Do you need critique ideas? Today’s featured article focuses on ideas for running a critique group.   You’ve got your writing group up and running. All the hard work’s over, right? Wrong. Just like any smooth-running machine, a writing group requires maintenance. Here are some tips for tender, loving care. Click here for more information. …

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Humorous Kitties

I thought this link was a riot. Cats who aren’t so good at hiding. Click here to view. Rose

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Floating Houses

Hi, There are times when funky homes catch my eye. I am in the process of preparing my house to put it on the market. Consequently I am also house shopping. This article features fun homes on the water. Enjoy. Rose

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Hi, I loved this article written by a lovely lady who attended Peer to Peer classes. It is worth the read. The posts describes healing and empowerment. Click here to read. Rose

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