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I have no clue who started the Family to Family Classes. I’m just glad they did. I took the classes this past winter/spring. It was so helpful. During my son’s recent attempted suicide, I was able to advocate for him while he was in the hospital. The medical folks actually listened to me and made decisions based on the information I was able to give them.

Frequently the one who is mentally ill, will not tell the docs everything that is going on. Family members can either fill in the gaps or help the ill person remember more details.

If you can take a Family to Family class, I’d highly recommend it. It helped me formulate an emergency plan for my son and even helped me step back and help when I was needed. Permission to step back was something I struggled with. Sometimes the best thing to do with adult children is to let go.

Any-hoo, I could go on and on but that is not going to give you the link. Click here for more information.



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