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Family To Family Classes

Hi, I have no clue who started the Family to Family Classes. I’m just glad they did. I took the classes this past winter/spring. It was so helpful. During my son’s recent attempted suicide, I was able to advocate for him while he was in the hospital. The medical folks actually listened to me and …

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Why Is A Dog Such A Good Friend?

Why is a dog such a good friend? Wet noses, licks, burps, someone to greet the family when they come home. Yes, our pooches are divas of many things. Thank you so much to all those who have served, are serving, or will serve out country in the military. We appreciate your sacrifice so much. …

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Fabric, Writing, and Biking

Hello, Yes, I am a writer who hopes to someday be published. Yes, I am addicted to biking. Yes, I am a professional seamstress and people give me fabric for free. Recently, I biked to a writer’s meeting at a local coffee shop. One of the ladies in our group gave me a box of fabric …

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A Mother Of A Mentally Ill Adult Child

Hello, I loved the article featured today. Many of you can also relate to what it feels like to be the parent of a mentally ill minor or adult child. It’s one tough road. Click here to read an encouraging story. Rose

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Hellen Keller, Overcomer

Hello, When discouraging days come, I find that watching or reading about people in history helps. They too, had to overcome odds. This video by Helen Keller and her teacher is inspiring. Click here to view. Rose

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A Blog For Loved Ones Of The Mentally Ill

Hi, If you are looking for blogs for loved ones of the mentally ill, click here to read this one.

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Attempted Sucide and Mental Illness

I sit in my room and cry. My son’s mental illness has torn the family I spent a life time creating-apart. It is not my son’s fault. Mental illness is excruciating to deal with. I don’t know what it is like to live with a mental illness. But I do know what it is like …

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Summer Organizing Tips

Hi Gals, Need some summer organizing tips. I loved some of these ideas. Plus the pictures are pretty cool. Now if only my life was that organized! Click here to view the article. Rose

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