A Writing Rose

Santuary for Women

Spring Leaves


I love spring. It could be spring every day and I’d be happy. I enjoy watching things come to life. On the last day of Feburary, I went outside and heard birds chirping. It was a very welcome sound. More birds come back daily. Green is starting to appear.


I noticed a few days ago that the rose bushes are leaving out. I’m addicted to roses. They provide a wall of privacy on my front porch in summer. It is a great place to write.


How are the seasons changing in your area?



  1. It’s still winter in KC. There’s green peeking up but 6 in of snow on the way. I just want to plant things! Everything!

    • I’m with you there. I want to plant things too. Can’t wait. You have a nice site by the way.

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