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I have tried and tried to find employment. Most of the jobs that I am trying to get an interview for, require proficiency in Excel. While I did take several workshops at a local job center, it is still not enough for me to know Excel in a manner that would make me unemployable.

To further my education, I purchased a book off of Amazon to use to teach myself the computer program. The two workshops were a great starting point, but not enough. I purchased the book that I did because I learn better by visual aids. Pictures and simple directions work well for me.


One of my goals for 2013 is to learn the Excel program. This is my textbook and I am the teacher and student. Hopefully after I work through this book, I’ll be better equipped for the workforce. Even if I do not get a job, I will at least have upped my skills with this program and I can use it for my business and my writing.

Either way, it works.


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