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Bike Gear From Recycle-ables


My adult son had an old mesh work vest that WAS, I think, neon yellow-greenish in color. Note the emphasis-was. He had an outdoor job at the time and the vest quickly became gray, black, and even had grease on it. Yuck. When he left the nest, he left the vest. Bless him.

So I washed the vest to see if it would come clean. It looked better but still disgusting. I took my scissors to it and cut off the reflective tape, tie strings, and zipper.

With the advent of my cycling addiction, I needed gear. Purchasing said gear is not an option. Instead, I opt to stitch up whatever I need.

The reflective taped was backed with quilting seam tape and velcro sewn on makes for some reflective straps to keep my pants out of the bike gears. I took the salvaged zipper and ties and stitched up a bag to attach to my large front bike basket. The body of the bag is from vinyl that came out of an airplane. I put the straps in the bag and attached it to the bike basket. My straps are always handy whenever I’m ready for a ride.


I can keep plenty of tools, gear, and other items in the bag on trips. The vinyl will keep things dry inside.

I have been riding my bike everywhere except for longer work trips. It has helped me feel better and cut down on gas purchases. It helps my body, budget, and the environment.



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