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Hi Gals,

If you have a mental illness, there is help and hope out there. If you have a loved one with mental illness, there is help and hope out there too.

As a mother of a special needs adult, I had my hands tied with the HIPPA laws when my child turned eighteen. My house is destroyed and I keep only a few very dull knives in the house. When I see an episode coming, I hide the knives. This morning a I read an article online about parents whose adult son stabbed an elderly man. Their son is in jail. The article discusses the son’s mental illness and how the parents hands were tied as far as getting him treatment. I can so relate. I followed the links in the article and found NAMI.

Once I was on the NAMI site, I followed the links to my state and local area. I discovered my area has  FREE support groups and classes for both the mentally ill person and loved ones. I emailed about classes for myself. I hope to be able to take advantage of the free classes and support groups. Perhaps one day, I can get my adult child to go and seek some kind of support.

I have fought the system for years and have gotten nowhere. It has been a discouraging affair. Frustrating too. I would recommend visiting the NAMI link to see if there are any resources in your area.

Click here for NAMI.


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