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Common Mistakes of Writers

Yes ladies another editing post,

I struggle with editing in my writing. I’m better but I have a ways to go. I really appreciate folks who are good at editing. The following article includes some helpful tips from a professional editor.


The next few errors commonly made by beginning writers need little explanation, and don’t merit an entire blog. Poor things. So, I grouped them together so they wouldn’t get lonely.

Don’t allow tense changes in the book. For example, if the book began in first person past tense (I looked back), don’t change it to present tense (She looks back) in the middle of the book.

I edited a book four years ago where the author wanted everything in the main heroine’s POV to be in first person present tense, and all other characters in third person past tense. He loved it, but it annoyed me, and I didn’t think it worked well for this book. In fact, the gentleman still hasn’t found anyone willing to publish his book. Click here to read more.

To contact the author for information about her professional editing services, click here.



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