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Hello gals,

Today I’m featuring a post for writers interested in Pinterest as a possible writer’s platform. Hope you enjoy it.


1. Feature your books, along with other things.

No doubt you’ll want to have a board that features your own books. But don’t have only your own books. Add other boards so that you’re not perceived as using Pinterest strictly for self-promotion, which isn’t its stated purpose.

2. Build some boards of other books.

You might have them separated by genre; you might separate out fiction and non-fiction; maybe you want to have a special board with books written by your friends. The point is, share the love!

                        3. Pay attention to where your pins lead if clicked.

If you pin a book cover, pin it from the buy page or a page where it’s reviewed. Make sure the pins of your own books link back to the page of your website/blog that includes “buy” buttons. Click here to read the rest of the article.



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