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Pleasant Surprise

Hi Gals,

I made my evening meal at lunch time. Due to our busy day, I knew that I would need to prepare a meal in the crock pot for dinner. I found a partial package of dry lentils, half bag of dry black beans, and a package of sloppy joe mix in the cupboard. I had a light bulb moment and decided to mix the ingredients together along with a chopped onion and water into the crock pot. It simmered all afternoon and the aroma permeated the entire house. I also thought this would be a mediocre meal at best. I had no choice but to use what I had on hand.

Boy……………….was I pleasantly surprised. It was very tasty with a touch of sweetness. My gang liked it.

So sisters sometimes the most tasteful meals are those we improvise on with the ingredients we have on hand. I know all of you have made similar “what do I have on hand” meals. Yippee for the fun of experimenting in the kitchen and staying frugal.


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