A Writing Rose

Santuary for Women


Hi Gals,

For you free-spirit girls, the wonderful night owls, and those who are to exhausted to get up, this is for you.

“Let the godly ones exult in glory; Let them sing for joy on their beds.” Ps 149:5

I am allergic to mornings. I have friends who have accomplished many tasks by the time my eyelids pop open. But in all fairness, when they hit the pillow at night, I am still going strong. We all work hard to take care of our families, we just “punch in and out of the time clock at different hours”! Works for me. To each their own.

Consequently, hopping right out of bed, wide awake, and ready to go first thing in the morning is not my style. A couple of hours after rising, my brain wakes up.

So……………………., if you can’t spring out of bed like our chirpy morning bird sisters, start praising the Lord from under that cozy mound of blankets. I liken it to a good cup of morning coffee for you coffee lovin’ mommas. Praising the Lord from bed is a great snooze alarm as long as you do not fall back asleep! Try it you just might like it.


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