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A Social Life

OK gals, a body needs a social life. I love being home and all that it entails. However, there is nothing like a night doing something else to refresh the soul. What’s a girl to do? Get a social life, of course.

Some of my fondest memories are of picnics, pot lucks, and movie nights with my single momma gal pals and their offspring. My children also reflect back on those times with positive thoughts as well. There is nothing like being with several single momma families. Parents and children can relate to each other and their lives in ways that children of two parent households will never be able to understand. It is good to have fellowship with like-minded friends.

One time our group of single moms decided to have a picnic at a local park. None of us had very much, food wise, so we all made what we had and combined our goods for a fun meal. I made a chocolate cake for dessert. We “set up camp” so to speak at a set of picnic tables and the children played. Low and behold, the sprinklers came on right where our lunch was set out. The moms grabbed the food and ran out of the sprinklers and to another table. We re-set up the picnic and the children continued to play. Guess what? Yup, the sprinklers turned on at that picnic table and the moms and now some of the kids grabbed the food and moved to the next table in another section of the park. Story over? Nope! That same scenario happened again and again until we had been to every table in the park.

Remember the chocolate cake? It was “frosted” with sprinkler water at every table. By the time the sprinklers had turned off and we had “visited” every picnic table, all mommas, children, and edible dishes were wet. We sat our wet bodies down on wet benches, ate our wet picnic, and cracked jokes about the entire wet event. We laughed so hard and still laugh about the wet picnic.

There is nothing like friends and a cake “frosted with sprinkles” (of water) to refresh the soul!!!


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